Products and Services

We supply the following fuels in quantites ranging from 500 litres to large loads of 35000 litres and aim to give a competitive price and quick delivery service.

  • Heating Oil
    Standard Kerosene fuel used for most domestic heating boilers

  • Premium Heating Oil
    Kerosene with an additive to counter the buildup of carbon deposits In the boiler making the boiler more efficient.

  • Cooker Fuel
    Kerosene with an additive specifically formulated for use with Aga’s, Raeburns.

  • Wynnstay Heat 35
    A fuel to power all burner applications such as boilers, dryers etc.

  • Tractor Diesel
    Gasoil for use in Tractors, Agricultural Machinery, Fork Lift Trucks etc

  • Road Diesel
    Derv for use in most road going vehicles

  • Fuel Additives
    Specially formulated for use with Kerosene and Gasoil to make the fuel more efficient

  • Lubricants
    Mainly for use in the agricultural industry such as tractor engines and farm machinery


Wynnstay Fuels Driver

Top Up Service

For those customers that need a regular supply of fuel a TOPUP service is available. Wynnstay can automatically schedule regular deliveries to a customer in accordance with their needs thus alleviating the need for the Customer to keep placing an order.

Frequency of the deliveries is determined by the Customer whether it be 1 or 2 times per year or every day of the year.

Budget Plan (Monthly Payments)

Fuel Prices change daily and over the past few years the price of oil has risen steadily. Today the cost of 1000 litres of Heating Oil (the most common order) is now around £600 and a typical customer living in a 3 bedroomed house would probably need 3 deliveries per year.

We recognise that not all customers can afford such a high outlay at any one time and we therefore offer a budget plan scheme (subject to status). Customers can pay a fixed monthly sum for the fuel, based on estimating the annual consumption and simply dividing the total cost by 12. For further details ring
01244 336444
or email

Monthly Accounts

If a customer has a regular supply of fuel then they would be able to apply for a Monthly Account. A credit limit would be agreed and Wynnstay would collect by direct debit the balance from the previous month. Collection date is currently 15th of each month.

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